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Fitness Instructor Level 2 – Premier Personal Training
Kettlebells Level 2 – Premier Personal Training
Personal trainer Level 3 – Premier Personal Training
Nutritional Advisor – Premier Personal Training
First Aid (As of June 2016)

Birth Place:
Cremona Italy

DOB (Age):
DOB – 20/02/1992 (27 years old)

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I am Filippo and as you notice from my name, I am from Italy. I am a professional personal trainer, fully qualified. During my life I have been doing a lot of sports such as, football, karate, swimming, ski, basketball, hip hop and athletics. I always been good at sports but unfortunately I have been through quite a few injuries that has prevented my progess to futher on my sporting career. I have learned from all of them and I appreciate the hard time I have been through as it changed me for the better. I have been working in the fitness industry for years and I am confident about my ability to train someone and reach any goals we agree upon. I have been helping many people to thrive their potential by pushing them in-order-to reach their goals. I helped people to lose weight, become stronger, faster and build muscle. I am a really-competitive person so I will take every challenge really-personal, putting myself really into it, making me feel professional within the field. I really believe in people, I believe they can always be better in the gym and in their day-day life. Being happy is the fundamental of my lifestyle so I am always trying to help people to create good fundamentals, motivating them that is why I am also a mind-set professional. I am also going to study at St Marys University, I will study nutrition and sports science. Mind does not have limits so I always make sure to feed her. Sky is the limit so you better be fit to fly high.

Any enquires please feel free to contact me directly at

I specialise in muscle gain, weight loss, strength and aerobic training